Jamstack and Databases?!

The original JAM acronym stood for JavaScript, APIs and Markup – there was no D for databases. But the reality is that you cannot build a real web application without data and behind most data are databases. Today, having a relational database does not mean maintaining a server somewhere as many services have moved databases to the cloud. In this session, Taylor Barnett will show how relational databases are still important and relevant to today’s Jamstack applications.

Databases Aren't History in the Jamstack

Many of the applications we build today could be considered part of the Jamstack. But where do relational databases fit in? In this talk, we will explore how relational databases fit into our Jamstack applications, different database use cases, and dive into some of the misconceptions about databases in the Jamstack. For example, doesn’t the “A” in Jamstack mean that everything needs an API? We will also cover Jamstack database requirements, how to get started, and learn more about serverless databases.

Taylor Barnett is a Staff Developer Advocate at PlanetScale. She is passionate about building great developer experiences with an emphasis on empathy and inclusion within product, documentation, and other community-focused projects. Taylor has worked on various data and API-focused products in software development and developer relations for the past eight years.

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