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Docker 101 - Intro to Containers

Software Containers are quickly becoming an essential tool in every developer’s toolbelt. They make it easy to share, run, and scale code. In this talk you’ll learn how to use Docker to write better, more sharable software.

Sr. Developer Advocate at Docker, Shy Ruparel, will walk you through getting started with Docker. He’ll covers setting up Docker, running your first container, creating a basic web application with Python and Docker, and how to push the Docker Image to DockerHub. He’ll share why you’d even want to use containers in the first place and how they enable a developer to write better, more shareable software.

Shy Ruparel is a Sr. Developer Advocate at Docker. He’s been working on empowering developer communities for almost a decade. He has a passion for silly IoT projects, good jokes and the staying power to wish you a great day on Twitter every single day.

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