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How to Build an Effective Frontend Portfolio

How do you build an online portfolio? In this talk, you’ll walk away with actionable tips and a bucketload of inspiration to get you started! We’ll cover:

  • What’s a portfolio & do you really need one?
  • Three must-haves employers and recruiters are looking for
  • Tips to stand-out & other ways of showcasing your work

Annie graduated from a front-end bootcamp in summer 2019. After two years in the industry, she was made Front-end Engineering Lead at Pastel, where she was also the first employee.

She likes helping others break into tech– getting into coding got her out of a very dark place and she knows what a big difference it can make. Annie has given other talks with Scrimba, Hashnode, Microsoft, Google Students Club etc and in her free time, likes reading and going on nature adventures.

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