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Making Jamstack More Flexible with Vercel Edge Middleware

Jamstack applications are known for being extremely fast, but lacking flexibility. That ends now! Do more with Jamstack by pushing logic to the edge with Vercel Edge Middleware. Keep the speed and unlock the power of dynamic.

In this code-included demonstration, you will learn how to use Vercel Edge Middleware to look at key information about your visitors and change the responses you send back, all at the content delivery network (CDN) layer. I’ll be demoing with Next.js, but pushing logic to the edge doesn’t stop at Next.js, this feature is available to Gatsby, React, Angular, or any popular frontend framework.

Thomas Desmond is a Developer Advocate at Sitecore. His focus is on frontend web technologies like Next.js, React, & Angular. He enjoys helping others and seeing them succeed. He also brings along the experience of being a University Instructor for 3 years. Thomas Desmond can be reached directly on Twitter @ThomasJDesmond or his personal website

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