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Functional Web Apps - The revenge of dynamic web apps

Building static websites with a Jamstack approach offers a fantastic solution for building massively available systems without the downsides of traditional dynamic stacks like Rails, Express or Wordpress. But there is a different way. In this talk you will learn how to build massively available dynamic web apps with pure cloud functions. Functional Web Apps (FWA) are built with pure cloud functions, sport a builtin database and deploy quickly and reliably. No more waiting on slow builds. No more trading off a dynamic end user experience by prerendering spinners. We will build markup on the fly with the determinism and reliability of immutable deployments leveraging the power and simplicity of the ultimate building block: pure cloud functions.

Brian LeRoux is the Cofounder/CEO of Begin which is the most elegant way to deploy Functional Web Apps. A longtime fan of the open web he created and sports a questionable tattoo. Brian believes the future is mobile, seamlessly running in the cloud, on open source software and will be created by hackers like you.

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