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Serverless Enables Life-saving Applications for Human Health

Serverless is scalable and boundaryless – so should be health care. So, can this flexible architecture give us the boost to tackle future pandemics and cure genetic diseases? COVID-19 has highlighted the need to substantially improve our disease preparedness and the use of modern cloud architecture will play a key role. This session talks about how CSIRO has leveraged serverless to advance three areas of the COVID-19 response. From taking the “fingerprints” of different virus strains to guide vaccine developments (INSIDER), to tailoring diagnostic efforts (SAUTE) by searing thousands of related virus genomes in parallel, and ultimately creating a serverless surveillance system for COVID-19 (SpreadStopper).

The talk concludes by looking to the future where genetic diseases can be cured using the serverless search engine for the genome (GT-Scan), which automatically works out the best way to edit a “misspelled” gene.

Dr Denis Bauer is an internationally recognized expert in artificial intelligence. She is passionate about improving health by understanding the secrets in our genome using cloud-computing technology. She is CSIRO’s Principal Research Scientist in transformational bioinformatics, adjunct associate professor at Macquarie University and an AWS Hero bridging the gap between research and application. She keynotes international IT, LifeScience and Medical conferences, as well as authors scientific papers. Her achievements include developing open-source bioinformatics software to detect new disease genes and developing computational tools to track, monitor and diagnose emerging diseases, such as COVID-19.

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